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Providing internal financial management consultancies to Non Profit Organizations and consulting firms, plus short term financial management consultancies overseas.

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Bernie Fisken has more that 20 years experience in providing consulting services to organizations and individuals in the TAXATION OF OVERSEAS AMERICANS. His expertise includes the following areas:

  • Qualifying for the Overseas Earned Income Exclusion
  • Qualifying for the Overseas Housing Exclusion
  • Meeting the Physical Presence Test
  • Meeting the Bona Fide Residence Test
  • Dealing with State Income Tax filing requirements
  • Determining the most appropriate filing option for Americans married to Foreign Nationals
  • Extending the filing of tax returns until the Overseas Exclusion qualifying period is met
  • Catching up with the filing of delinquent IRS and State income tax returns
  • Representing Taxpayers before the IRS on audited tax returns
  • Treatment of income earned as a consultant
  • Treatment of a USA house that was converted from owner-occupied to rental property
  • Assisting the Finance and HR Departments of organizations to become compliant with IRS and State tax requirements

Bernie is quite familiar with the field conditions faced by Americans working abroad. He has lived overseas as both a Peace Corps Volunteer and as a US AID contractor. In addition he has conducted numerous consultancies worldwide in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the South Pacific. Bernie is fluent in Spanish and has a working knowledge of various other languages.

For 9 years Bernie has conducted an Annual Seminar on the Taxation of Overseas Americans sponsored by the Association of PVO Financial Managers. In addition, Bernie has been an adjunct professor at American University, Georgetown University and George Washington University.

Bernie holds a Masters Degree in Administration form the Wharton School ( University of Pennsylvania) and a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Bentley College. He was chosen to become a Member of the Washington DC Board of Accountancy which establishes and monitors professional standards for all accountants practicing public accounting in Washington DC. Bernie is also a recipient of the DC Accountant of the Award granted by the US Small Business Administration.

He is an Enrolled Agent, permitting him to represent Taxpayers before the IRS. Bernie is also an Accredited Tax Advisor and a Licensed Public Accountant.

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Bernard J. Fisken, President
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